Website development

Web development is our key competency.

What makes Citrusdev different from others?

Unlike any other web-studio we create sites with Ruby on Rails. This is a cutting-edge technology in the world of web development. Using Ruby on Rails may save you up to 30% of development time.

Will the site built with Ruby on Rails be different from other sites?

No, the site will look exactly as a designer imagined it. Its main advantage - dramatically increased speed of development.

Can you save 30% of your time with Citrusdev?

According to our experience, the most common reason for delays in web development – is an approval of design and changes during the coding. Therefore, we develop the requirements specification together with you and help you deciding what you need. In this way, CitrusDev ensures fast delivery and launch.


Software development


In daily practice, we use the methodology SCRUM, which provides a flexible approach to software development::

  • dynamic generation of requirements
  • iterative development
  • constant interaction between the client and the team

Do you need to automate business processes, build an electronic reporting system, develop a system of patient registration in the clinic, implement an electronic document flow?

We develop software for Windows and Linux.

As the main tool we use Microsoft .Net platform and programming language C#.

Tasks that require maximum capacity and flexibility we are ready to solve with the programming language C++.

For these and any other issues of software development, you can contact our company.


Mobile apps


Software development for mobile platforms iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone is the newest competency for our company.

Currently we fill out our portfolio – we are ready to create a mobile application starting from 1000$.


We provide services on setting up of user’s and server’s software, we will help you to install the operating system, to diagnose the hardware, we provide hosting and rent of dedicated servers.

The main task of IT-service - maintenance of business processes of the client.


Virtual tours

Virtual 3D-tours gain their popularity and become a bright means of showing objects, a tool to strength the tourist appeal worldwide

Virtual tours have become a mandatory attribute for anyone who wants to maintain the leadership on the market and attract new customers.