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Valikhnovska MD - WordPress website



This case is about the development of a website for a cancer treatment platform using the content management system (CMS) WordPress. Our clients are private customers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, enterprise companies, and startups. They are looking for solutions that will solve their digital needs, and we provide high level web development services to resolve these needs.

Client story.

Our client is a surgical oncologist looking for a quick solution for a cancer treatment platform. CitrusDev gathered a wide range of requirements during the online meetings with the client. As a result, we suggested using CMS WordPress with a ready-made template that was researched by our CitrusDev team as well.


Our solution.

The WordPress platform offers many paid and free website design templates suitable for custom development. As a result of our research and discussions with the client, the Medigroup – Medical and Health Theme was chosen. To provide more personalized features, our design team developed a brand book with customized colors, logos, and icons. Before the development of the platform started, one more very important step was done – an SEO analysis and audit – to determine all the necessary technical requirements.


Valikhnovska MD – WordPress website
Valikhnovska Site

Design solutions.

  • Template (before/after)
  • Icon Pack
  • Logo (with suggested variants)
  • Few screens of pages (desktop & mobile
Logo Valikhnovska
Logo Valikhnovska
Logo Valikhnovska


CitrusDev took into account the following accessibility requirements:

  • The site is translated into three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
  • The site is mobile friendly (tablet and smartphone vertical and horizontal flexible layouts)
  • The colors and font sizes were agreed upon with the customer and chosen to be as comfortable as possible for the target audience. The site contains additional materials: videos, slideshows with photos, etc. They are all optimized for better site page opening speed.

Before / After

Mask group (2)
Mask group Valikhnovska
Mask group (3)

Project Scope.

Project Scope

Work stages.

Work stages

Development team.

Project manager

1 person


Communication with the client, communication with the team, prioritization of tasks, accounting for budget and deadlines.



1 person


Software Development.

Quality engineer

1 person


Project testing according to acceptance criteria, regression testing, product quality testing.

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