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Software QA & Testing

Software QA & Testing

QA and testing services

Our quality assurance team at CitrusDev will accompany your software during the entire lifecycle–building perfection into the development process and delivering a product with fewer defects that will delight and engage your users. Take your mind off expensive mistakes and leave the quality assurance responsibilities to us!

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QA Consulting

We provide a full spectrum of consulting services to improve your capabilities at any stage of your quality journey–including identifying and eliminating quality issues and bottlenecks, reshaping existing workflows, retrofitting testing infrastructures, and optimizing your spending on software QA–all without compromising the quality or frequency of releases. 

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Manual Testing

Manual testing is ideal for assessing the user experience (UX) and the look and feel of an application–which can only be done by a human. We use it more often with newly designed test cases and on an ad-hoc basis for test cases with changeable requirements. The manual testing process is more labor intensive and cannot be recorded or reused, but it is invaluable for cross-checking automated testing results. 

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Automation Testing

Automation testing utilizes frameworks created by our testers that can be run 24/7 without the need for manual input. It is suitable for large-scale software testing and is generally more accurate than manual testing. It also saves time and money, reduces human-generated error, and can be reused. In fact, conducting automated testing together with manual testing will give you the best chance of catching a higher number of bugs and defects. 

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Continuous Testing

Continuous testing involves testing at every stage of the development life cycle. By testing early and often, we can evaluate the quality of your software as part of a continuous delivery process. Continuous testing also enables our QA experts to create testing environments that more closely resemble customer interactions with the business. Through continuous testing, we can seamlessly integrate your software with legacy systems and boost business efficiencies. 

How CitrusDev can help you as a software QA company

Leveraging more than 12 years of experience in software testing and QA consultancy services, our experts at CitrusDev can either build a new testing process from scratch or modify an existing one to ensure your software products are both secure and reliable and provide a high-quality user experience.


Build your testing processes from scratch

Our experts will analyze your system and present you with several tech approaches to choose from, and, if needed, develop a Proof of Concept (POC). Next, a unified testing framework is created and the test scope and clear data for testing are defined. Lastly, we select and apply a reporting tool that best fits your needs, provide you with the test results, and enable continuous and ongoing system integration.

Optimize your testing processes

Our QA analysts will identify areas of opportunity in your current processes, estimate the project’s roadmap, and choose a tech stack based on best testing practices. Included in the optimization process are the introduction of automated testing, improvement of the test coverage and scope, and development of extensive and complex documentation to identify and resolve bugs efficiently and reduce your time to market.

Our QA services

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Web application testing

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Mobile application testing


Desktop application testing

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API testing services

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    We provide the following types of software testing services

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    Functional testing
    We can help you check your product’s functionality as defined by the software requirements specifications. The goal is to have software with a coherent user interface and a consistent API that seamlessly integrates with your business processes.
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    Performance testing
    Our QA team can help you to detect, analyze, and fix issues that impact your product’s performance under peak load. Performance testing can also measure, validate, or verify other system quality attributes, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage.
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    Compatibility testing
    During compatibility testing, we will ensure that your web app is working properly across different browsers, databases, operating systems (OS), mobile devices, networks, and hardware–providing accessibility to a wide range of users.
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    Security testing
    We offer various security testing services to help your organization evaluate the security measures deployed on your digital products. We perform thorough software and network security audits, both client-side and server-side, to identify and report all bugs and vulnerabilities.
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    Usability testing
    Before your product is released, we can help you conduct usability testing to reveal any weak points in the interface or the overall idea of the product. To do this, our QA engineers compose a questionnaire for the users, and the responses are used to advise and guide any changes that may be required.
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    Quality assurance process steps

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    Our team at CitrusDev will begin by evaluating your testing needs and current QA process (if applicable) and agree with you on the project scope–including current testing cases and future requirements. Based on your needs, we will either assemble a managed team or select QA specialists with the specific skills needed to augment your existing team. We also advise you regarding QA approaches, methods, and tools to create an effective and customized solution.
    Once we have on boarded the team, assembled the infrastructure, and prepared the testing cases, we will begin to deploy the software testing processes. Your QA team may be integrated into any or all stages of the software development lifecycle to attain higher software product quality, reduce bug rates, and avoid costly reworks during the later stages.
    After executing a full cycle of manual and automated tests, our QA specialists will document and report all core findings and make recommendations for adjustments and improvements. This reporting allows you to inject extra quality into your software applications and back subsequent development plans with actionable data.

    Our QA tools and technologies

    Manual testing toolkit

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    Automation testing toolkit

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    Why choose CitrusDev quality assurance testing services?


    Team of experts

    As a client of CitrusDev, you will benefit from the collective expertise of not only software development and testing professionals but also business analysts, project managers, and technical support staff–all of whom are highly skilled in their areas and who will work in tandem to provide you with top-quality service and results.



    CitrusDev has very loyal, responsive, multilingual technical support staff located in Ukraine whom clients from around the globe may contact nearly any time and get quality feedback. In addition, in most cases, clients may also contact the company owner directly by phone or PM and receive personal assistance.

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    Experience and flexibility

    With over 12 years of experience taking on a wide variety of software projects, our team of more than 50 resourceful experts will resolve any problem that arises–regardless of the complexity–and implement the best possible solution, including non-standard solutions.

    price and quality


    Our agency competitively balances the quality and cost of its work, offering clients added value for their investment. We may not be the cheapest option on the market, but we deliver on what we promise, provide exceptional quality for the price, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Please feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and an estimated price quote.
    We respond to all requests in as little as a few hours and a maximum of two business days.

    Quality assurance solutions: questions and answers


    Quality assurance centers on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. The confidence provided is both internal (to management) and external (to customers, government agencies, regulators, certifiers, and third parties). Some industries that regularly utilize QA services are electrical industrial, healthcare, clinical pharmacy, metallurgical, sales, financial, social media, and gaming; but QA is needed in any field that uses software–which is just about all of them!


    Software testing is the process of evaluating a software product or its component(s) to determine whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. In simple words, software testing services involve setting up and executing a system to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements.


    The role of QA is to monitor the quality of the process used to produce the software while software testing is the process of ensuring that the functionality of the final product meets the user's requirements. In short, QA cares for the prevention of bugs appearing, and software testing cares for uncovering bugs before users encounter them.


    Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are related terms but with distinct differences in meaning. Quality control can be defined as fulfilling quality requirements, while quality assurance relates to how a process is performed or how a product is made. The quality control department is more the inspection aspect of quality management.


    The total price to outsource your quality assurance services to CitrusDev is variable and depends greatly on the type and number of specialists that you require, your location, and the scope and sequence of the project.

    Please feel free to contact us at for a free, no-obligation consultation and an estimated price quote. We respond to all requests in as little as a few hours and a maximum of two business days. 

    How our services bring about success

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