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Sending predefined data packets using the emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app
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Sending predefined data packets using the emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app

30.05.2024 1 views

In Part 1 we have created a new BLE test device with a server role.  Enable this template to start advertising. Now you can connect to this emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app.


In most cases there is a characteristic with Notify property. To check your application data flow and different test cases you can send a predefined data packet using this emulator.


  • Connect to this emulator using your app. After connection has been established In the nRFConnect should appear a new tab with MAC-address of your emulated device.

app n/a client


  • Go to this tab, open Server view, expand your custom service and find notifiable characteristic

app n/a server


  •  Using Upload icon open a dialog to create or load saved packet and send it to the connected client (your application)

app n/a load

app n/a new


In our projects we are using a byte array as a list of device parameters. You can prepare different data packets to reproduce available states of your device and mobile app (initial state, some value changed, response to some action).  Select Byte array type, enter a hex value (for example 021F521F33383A301F344303) and hit Send. 


Check this video  



You did it! Enjoy your work. Your ability to test and validate BLE interactions using predefined data packets will enhance the reliability and performance of your application. Keep exploring the nRF Connect for Mobile app to discover more features and optimize your development process.


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