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What are the Pros and Cons of using WordPress with ReactJS – Best of 2023

What are the Pros and Cons of using WordPress with ReactJS – Best of 2023

27.04.2023 65 views

Do you want to know the Pros and Cons of using WordPress with ReactJS?

ReactJS is a Javascript framework,  it is a library which gives a informative method of defining UI components. Also ReactJS is a complete separation of data and presentation. React provides slightly more than a presentation layer.

Surprisingly, ReactJS took the WordPress Community in the month of November 2015 when it was introduced by Matt Mullenweg announcing Calypso, which culmination of more than twenty months of work by dozens of engineers and designers.

Calypso was described as:

  • Written whole in JavaScript, leveraging libraries such as Node and React.
  • Incredibly fast.
  • 100% API-powered.
  • Fully responsive.

Reacts gained its popularity deservedly. Thanks to its many advantages, it is an entire army of fans and contributors. It is in the sixth position on the GitHub trending inventory and it has 75,000 stars.

But, no matter how big a product is, there is always some disadvantages in it. Even those cannot be seen at first glance.
Therefore, we have gathered major advantages and disadvantages of this great JavaScript library.

Let’s get cracking!

The Pros and Cons of using WordPress with ReactJS

Pros of ReactJS

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    1. Learning curve- Easy to start writing (if you can get over the syntax)

    Writing the React templates is almost similar to writing HTML with interpolation thanks to JSX. And looks same as the Mustache templates, except the markup is directly in your Javascript component code.

    As templates are those files which control how your WordPress site will be displayed on the Web. These files draw information from your WordPress MySQL database and generate the HTML code which is then sent to the web browser.

    React is extremely unusual in which you are encouraged to put all your markup, style and functionality in one place, but it provides you with the convenience and extreme modularity in the long run, which we know is a good thing.

    2. Reusing Code Components

    ReactJS forgets the general upgrading headache by allowing developers to reuse existing components. Since all the components are isolated, so any kind of change in one component does not affect others.

    This superb function allows the developers to reuse components that do not make any changes in and of themselves. Needless to say, it makes programming more precise and accurate for developers, thereby increasing the speed of production.

    3. Total separation of data and presentation

    React provides slightly more than a presentation layer. Even React the components is not a concept of ‘state’, but it is best used for short-term storage.

    Anything you can lose on the new render can go into the React state. However, when mixed with Redux, placing as much of your data in your Redux store as possible generally provide the best result. As it allows fully separation of state (Redux’s concern) and presentation (React’s concerns). And of course, if WordPress using the REST API is how the data reaches Redux and React.

    4. Speed – never think about re-rendering!

    The benefits of this separation of concerns are you don’t need to worry yourself about whether something has been rendered before or whether it is the first time.

    Since the React rendering is immutable, the first render and the 100th rendering of the same component are controlled in the same way. When the state changes, Redux re-renders the relevant components on the page.

    5. React is not a framework

    React is a library that provides a declarative method of defining UI components. ReactDOM is a combined library that offers rendering and DOM diffing.

    Also, Redux is a library that provides data store, and React-Redux gum also offers the glue between React and Redux.

    6. Access to the native world

    React Native lets you build mobile applications using javascript only. And it uses the same design as React, letting you write a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

    7. Backed by Facebook

    React is being used by companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Alipay, Netflix, Reddit and much more.

    8. Simple framework

    ReactJS is easier to use than many frameworks or libraries. It is very simple to understand and learn. Using it anyone with basic programming knowledge can create and support professional mobile and web applications. It also makes use of a unique syntax known as JSX that allows a simple combination of JavaScript and HTML.

    1. React isn’t a framework. Again

    Philosophy is great, but when you need to do something quickly, the React way can be frustrating. If you have clients and projects and press the deadline and the first page of your React handbook no longer works, you may get frustrated.

    The looseness with that React can be employed is good for the experimentation. But it is challenging when you are trying to work properly. To know that no one will save you some time here.

    2. Community conventions are still developing

    How do I create it? How do people control it? I would not say that library developers do not have strong opinions on their libraries should be used because they definitely do. The problem is turnover and changes are so fast, they do not have time to solidify into general practices.

    Only they are really focusing on daily monthly, weekly, changes in the React community, you can tell the best way to use the X library.

    3. Restrictive Licensing

    As we all know, this is no longer case, but if you think about it, then the Automattic/WordPress team has decided to go with React. However, regardless of this number one cons, which is made them loose months in re-writing Calypso and Gutenberg.

    Where Gutenberg editor is the new post editor that will take the place of classic editor in WordPress, the Gutenberg brings the functionality from WordPress and make it simpler than ever for creating content-rich pages, awesome-looking.

    4. Build tools are necessary (or strongly encouraged)

    For all front-end apps but the simplest, decent build tools are highly suggested. For a simple application, you can often participate with a shell script in your ‘package.json‘ file. You’ll want to use tools like Gulp to manage many tasks for more complex applications.

    These build tools are useful but remain are unnecessarily complicated. I recommend sticking to NPM scripts as above and use the command line interface of your build tool. For example, ‘Browserify’ or ‘WebPack-Dev-Server’.

    Wrapping this all in end! We discussed “Pros and Cons of using WordPress with ReactJS .”

    Now that you know about the Pros and Cons of ReactJS. Don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below. That’s all on our behalf. We hope this blog helped you.



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