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MAFIA World GAME – iOS App

MAFIA World GAME – iOS App

Become a real MAFIA DON. Mafia World Game is an immersive iOS role-playing game that lets you become a Mafia don. Developed with iOS-specific features, it boasts a unique and stylish design. The game includes user leaderboards, a score system, and player ratings. Enjoy playing both online and offline, create your own Mafia Club, and experience the game in multiple languages. The backend development is based on .NET, and it leverages WebSockets for real-time interactions.

Game of Minds – Quiz mobile game (Android & iOS)

Game of Minds – Quiz mobile game (Android & iOS)

Game of Minds is an intellectually stimulating quiz app available for both iOS and Android. It features a variety of topics, allowing players to compete in real-time against friends and other opponents. The app’s backend is developed using Laravel and MySQL, ensuring robust performance and data management. It utilizes a REST API for seamless communication between the front end and back end.


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