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Dedicated Software Development Team

Dedicated software development team

We will provide you with a dedicated development team to empower your business and reduce your time to market

Flexible dedicated team engagement services

In-hous team

In-house team augmentation

Do you have a clear product vision but are missing staff with the specific skills needed to bring it to life? Then an augmentation of your in-house team with specialists from CitrusDev is the way to go. We will provide you with key experts to fill the knowledge gap and work in tandem with your existing staff in order to complete the project in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Fill-cycle development team

Full-cycle development team

Are you looking to build a new software product but would rather outsource the development and management of the project to a trusted team of experts? Then hiring a full-cycle dedicated development team from CitrusDev is your best option. We will custom-select and administer a team of seasoned experts to deliver an end-to-end software product—providing you with regular and transparent reporting throughout for a high-quality and hassle-free solution.

What experts can CitrusDev dedicated team offer

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Software engineers

Software architects

DevOps engineers

Test automation engineers



BI engineers

Business analysts

UI/UX designers

The CitrusDev dedicated team has expertise in

Front end

Front End

Front-end development includes everything that the end user sees and interacts with on a website or web application, such as buttons, text, graphics, menus, etc. Our aim is to create digital products with a good look and feel to engage your users and satisfy their needs.



Our mobile app development expertise includes market research and analysis, UI/UX design, software development, quality testing and assurance, and ongoing maintenance for both native and cross-platform mobile applications, making your brand accessible on a wide range of portable devices and wearables.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving; whereas machine learning (ML) is the process of using mathematical models of data to help a computer learn by itself. We can take advantage of the connection between AI and ML to enhance your existing processes and products with intelligence.



The meaning of DevOps is a combination of development and operations. It is a methodology used across various industries to improve the development cycle flow. Our DevOps engineers can help your company to streamline software development, increase developer productivity, and enhance continuous delivery workflows to provide better software faster.

Back end

Back End

Back-end development involves the elements of a website that cannot be seen by the user, such as databases, APIs, and servers. Our back-end engineers can help you optimize how your website or web application runs to offer end users the highest performance and availability.



Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Our full-stack cloud computing services include IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and serverless computing.



Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks with reduced human assistance. We can create applications to minimize the amount of human input needed, thus making your processes run more efficiently and freeing your employees to focus on more complex tasks.

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    Benefits of hiring a dedicated team for your business

    Easy management

    You have complete control over the management and progress of your CitrusDev dedicated team as if they were your own in-house staff—without the hassle of administrative concerns such as payroll, contracts, training, logistics, and professional growth—giving you time to focus on what matters most.

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    Focus on the client’s processes

    The sole priority of your CitrusDev dedicated team is your project and your business goals. This concentrated, results-oriented focus leads to increased communication and productivity and an accelerated time to market without sacrificing quality.

    Customizable team

    We carefully hand-pick a team of experts with the specific skills, knowledge, and experience required for the development of your project. You also may choose whether to take on a full-cycle development team or only a select number of experts to complete and augment your existing in-house staff.

    Scalable team

    There is considerable flexibility when hiring a dedicated team, and your initial choice for the number of elements is by no means definitive. As project requirements change or become better defined, team members may be added or reduced. Resources such as software and equipment may also be modified over the course of the project lifespan to suit your needs.

    Quick onboarding

    Because all of our dedicated team members work remotely, it is possible to have your dedicated team in place and working on your project in a very short time. While we do put candidates through a rigorous and thorough screening process, we will initially place a project manager and core group of dedicated developers with you to get the project underway quickly and then add additional elements as needed.

    How CitrusDev creates your
    dedicated development dream team

    At CitrusDev, we utilize a structured recruitment and vetting model in order to find the most qualified experts and assemble the perfect team to fulfill your project needs and goals.


    Defining goals

    We begin by identifying the project needs in terms of technical knowledge, specialized skills, qualifications, and experience and—in the case of an in-house team augmentation—identify gaps in the knowledge/skills of the current staff. We work with you to create a list of the essential staff requirements as well as the preferred credentials.


    The pool of candidates is reduced to those who possess both the essential requirements as well as the preferred credentials. Any concerns or queries about each individual’s background are noted to be addressed during the interview.


    The shortlisted candidates are then moved through the interview process, which usually includes several rounds of interviews, depending on the size of the team and the project’s needs. Once the final selections are made, reference and skill checks are done before extending an offer and placing with you.


    We begin by onboarding a project manager and a core group of dedicated developers to get acquainted with your company and the project. From here, we add additional qualified experts based on the technical requirements and corresponding project management methods. We maintain close contact with you during the entire process to ensure a smooth integration as well as a quick resolution to any communication challenges that may arise

    Book your 1 hour free of charge consultation with CitrusDev team

      Why hire a CitrusDev dedicated team?

      natural extention

      Natural extension

      We hand-select a customized team of highly qualified software engineers that will fit seamlessly with your current in-house operations—expanding your productivity and areas of expertise. You will also be able to direct and manage your CitrusDev dedicated team right along with your own in-house staff. Additionally, we conduct periodic peer reviews for code quality control to ensure the products are being developed efficiently, cost-effectively, and according to specifications.


      Excellent infrastructure

      We will furnish the dedicated team of experts with all of the equipment, tools, facilities, and support needed to provide you with a smooth and stress-free integration, communication, and operation with your current in-house staff.


      Smooth integration

      We ensure that the experts chosen for your dedicated team share your company values and understand your goals. We maintain close contact with you and the dedicated team during the entire process to ensure a high level of integration and performance as well as effectively resolve any communication challenges that may arise. Our multilingual, dedicated customer service team is available for you nearly 24/7 with any questions or concerns.

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      Rapid start

      We begin by identifying and immediately placing a core group of dedicated developers with you to get acquainted with the project, under the guidance of an experienced project manager. From here, we complete the dedicated development team with qualified experts based on the project’s technical requirements and corresponding project management methods.

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      Easy administration

      We will take care of all the administrative responsibilities of the dedicated team including payroll, contracts, logistics, training, and professional growth in a flexible and transparent manner—leaving your staff free to focus on their areas of responsibility.

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      Happy Clients
      Finished Projects
      Skilled Experts
      Countries all over the world

      How our services bring about success

      Dedicated development team: questions and answers


      Bringing on board an offshore dedicated team of developers can provide your organization with a multitude of benefits including reduced project costs, accelerated time to market, higher quality products, a broader pool of skills and expertise, increased productivity, a multicultural work environment, and adapted taxation.


      A standard dedicated team from CitrusDev includes the following roles:

      • Front-end/back-end and full-stack developers: build client-side and server-side applications
      • UI/UX designers: create simple, responsive, and interactive user interfaces
      • QA engineers: ensure error-free applications by creating test cases and periods
      • DevOps: coordinate the development, operations, and testing processes
      • Project managers: oversee project advance and communication with client
      • Business analysts: evaluate project requirements, user data, and analytics

      A dedicated development team is a group of external offshore or nearshore specialists who are hired to develop a specific software product and assist with your brand’s digital transformation. The team may consist of a small group of specialists brought in to extend the current in-house development team, or it could be a full-cycle, end-to-end project team.


      The total price greatly depends on the type and number of specialists that you require, your location, and the scope and sequence of the project. Please feel free to contact us at for a free, no-obligation consultation and an estimated price quote. We respond to all requests in as little as a few hours and a maximum of two business days.


      A dedicated team from CitrusDev will work remotely from our offices in Ukraine in tight cooperation with each other and your current in-house staff to fulfill your technological needs efficiently and cost-effectively while producing top-quality and high-performing products. We pride ourselves on providing 100% client satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any issue that arises until a viable solution is found.

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