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CitrusDev provides a dedicated team of developers to create software and services. Our developers and experts will become your own team. They will work for your specific projects and become a remote affiliate of your company

Regardless of the complexity, timing, and size of the project, our company will quickly form a team of experts, ideally suited to the needs of the customer's project. You get a balanced, highly qualified team of motivated employees. For your part, you can fully manage our professionals in the interests of your company.


Client forms a team of highly qualified specialists with experience in the required field.


Programmers can participate in the project both on a full and part-time basis.


The project budget depends on the programming technologies and the required level of developers.


Different forms of payment (hourly, monthly, stage by stage) to the customer's choice.


All rights to the created software product belong only to the customer.

Fully dedicated team to get your project live faster

To date, CitrusDev is an international provider of IT outsourcing. Our Ukrainian dedicated teams work for companies located in Israel, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Canada. And in each of these countries, CitrusDev acquired the reputation of a reliable offshore partner for innovative companies seeking to expand their capabilities, scale and grow their businesses, gain access to new technologies and competencies.

We don't just do projects. You can count on us every time you need a professional service in IT. Our task is to adapt quickly to your organization and cooperate as part of a team, not just an outsourced service provider. Such partnerships style helps us to understand and implement the customer's needs as best as possible. And the customer - to enter the market with new digital products, scale the business, achieve their goals.

Reasonable price is not less important than quality and speed of work. We strive for the best speed, quality and deadlines combination. Therefore we offer flexible patterns of interaction that are based on customer requirements.

Projects are not just work for us. These are people who use the result of our work every day. It's a creative process based on strict rules, precise technologies, and tools that help to interact with colleagues in other cities and countries effectively.

Ultimately, companies that strive for a high-quality product with the rational use of resources and maximum efficiency, use a dedicated development team. And that's exactly what the CitrusDev customers get.


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