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Mobile application development services for Android and iOS

Mobile App Development Services

We have been developing mobile applications for more than 12 years in such areas as IoT, healthcare, automotive, agritech, sport and others.

How can mobile development help your business?

Comprehensive research & business analysis

Reach your customers exactly where they are–on their mobile devices! At CitrusDev, our experienced business analysts will listen to your needs and conduct extensive market research and analysis to effectively connect you to new and existing customers via a mobile application. The analysts will then coordinate your business needs with the app’s technical requirements– saving time and money and keeping your company up to date with the latest market trends

Efficient and transparent development

We provide our clients with weekly progress updates and nearly 24/7 access to our technical support staff for ongoing questions and feedback. Our open, two-way communication provides the transparency, collaboration, and efficiency needed to develop and produce a customized, top-quality product.

Accelerated time to market (TTM)

In these fast-paced times where market needs are constantly evolving, the timing of the launch of a new product is critical. Web app development is a highly resource-consuming endeavor, especially for small companies and start-ups with limited staff. Outsourcing your mobile app development services to CitrusDev can shave weeks off your TTM, free staff to concentrate on their tasks, and allow your team to be the first to market.

Highest quality assurance

Our highly experienced team of mobile app developers and quality assurance specialists will work together to thoroughly test your mobile app’s performance before release to ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience that will attract and retain clients.

Mobile application development services we provide

Our custom mobile app development company provides a full range of both Android and iOS app development services, including market research and analysis, UI/UX design, software development, quality testing and assurance, and ongoing maintenance. We build both native and cross-platform solutions for a wide range of industries–all in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Short for “iPhone Operating System,” a Unix-derived operating system designed by Apple for use in all of its mobile devices.


An operating system primarily used for mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other touchscreen devices that was developed by Google.


Cross-platform – able to run on multiple platforms, in this case on both Android and iOS devices.

Development for companies of any size


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    Mobile software development process

    At CitrusDev, the lifecycle of mobile app development for iOS and Android is divided into the following six stages–each of which involves regular communication and collaboration with the client to create the most effective and efficient solution to their business needs.


    We first meet with the client to understand their product or service, business goals, and user demographics to define the expectations and purpose of the project. Our business analysts also examine the industry standards to identify opportunities for the product or service within its particular niche.

    UX and mobile app design:

    After the pre-development data has been gathered, our mobile app design team will elaborate an interface that is accessible, discoverable, and efficient to optimize your customers’ on-the-go experience. During the design process, developers will build a wireframe or “blueprint” of the application and choose an appropriate platform (native, hybrid/cross-platform, or HTML5 mobile app) that best fits the client’s needs, budget, and time constraints. The app format needs to make a simple and easy-to-use first impression so that customers do not immediately delete it and download a competitor’s app.


    Once the design passes a usability test, our team of backend engineers will establish the appropriate development environment and create the database and server-side objects. Frontend (or “client-side”) developers will begin the coding process of elements that users will see and interact with on the app. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are also built during the development process. Finally, a code review process will be run to ensure no major bugs are left to resolve at the end.


    During the testing phase, we verify that the app looks great, runs correctly, is secure, and fulfills the client’s needs and goals. Before launching the actual app, we develop a working prototype or “beta” version that can be used to pitch the product to investors and potential buyers as well as further define API, database, and storage needs. During the beta test, feedback is gathered from a select group of users to fix issues and earn visibility in app stores.


    After the prototype clears the testing process, the app is launched in the App Store and/or Google Play Store, depending on the platform. At this stage, close monitoring is crucial to spot and resolve additional end-user difficulties to provide a pleasant and seamless experience and maintain customer confidence. In addition, the source code is saved in a central repository for future modifications and updates.


    Rest assured–our professional mobile application development services do not end after the launch of the app. We continue to track app performance and metrics to efficiently detect and resolve end-user problems. We also verify that the application is kept up to date to prevent bugs and maintain security. Additionally, we recommend adding new functionalities and features on an ongoing basis to keep the app fresh and appealing to customers.


    A JavaScript-based framework that allows developers to build mobile applications that will run on both iOS and Android devices while still maintaining the look and feel of a native app.


    With approximately 70% of the world market share, it is the leading operating system used for mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other touchscreen devices that was developed by Google.


    Similar to React Native, it is a free and open-source mobile framework that requires only one programming language (Dart) and one code base to create apps that will run on both iOS and Android devices.


    Short for “iPhone Operating System,” it is a Unix-derived operating system designed by Apple for use in all of its mobile devices.

    Why choose CitrusDev as your mobile development company?

    Team of experts

    As a client of CitrusDev, you will benefit from the collective expertise of not only mobile app development professionals but also business analysts, project managers, and technical support staff–all of whom are highly skilled in their areas and who will work in tandem to provide you with top-quality service and results.

    Complex solution
    Experience with complex solutions

    With over 12 years of experience taking on a wide variety of cases, our team of more than 50 resourceful experts will resolve any problem that arises–regardless of the complexity of the project–and implement the best possible solution.

    Responsive communication

    CitrusDev has very loyal, responsive, multilingual technical support staff whom clients can contact nearly any time and get quality feedback. In addition, in almost all cases, the customer may also contact the company owner directly by phone or PM and receive personal assistance.

    price and quality
    Excellent price/quality ratio

    Our company competitively balances the quality and cost of its work, offering clients added value for their investment. We may not be the cheapest option on the market, but we deliver on what we promise, provide exceptional quality for the price, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Mobile development solutions: questions and answers


    Custom mobile app development is the building of mobile apps that are specially tailored to your business needs and goals as well as the particular audience or target market of your company, including mobile development for Android and iOS device users.


    Are you ready for your business to grow? Then it’s time to develop a new or improve on an existing mobile app!
    These days, a website alone is not a sufficient online presence for a business to remain competitive.
    A mobile application allows your company to be at your customers’ fingertips at all times. An app also promotes brand awareness and allows you to make improvements, leading to the expansion of services and sales based on insights from user data.


    The price of web development services is calculated individually.

    It directly depends on the type of product, technologies used, workload, and other factors.

    To calculate the cost of a future project, we recommend that you seek advice.


    This choice depends highly on your business requirements and customer profile. Native apps are more intuitive and interactive and have overall better performance and security, but they require more time, skills, and cost to create and maintain. Hybrid apps are more cost-effective, easier to maintain, and reach a wider market, but they may have issues due to OS inconsistencies and do not offer offline functionality.
    Our one-stop-shop of business analysts and developers will listen to your needs and work together to choose the best approach for your company’s mobile app.


    Cross-platform applications are designed to run on multiple platforms, in this case on both Android and iOS devices. The main advantage is that code only needs to be written once and can be reused on multiple platforms, minimizing development time and costs. Cross-platform apps also provide hassle-free implementation, robust functionality, and affordable maintenance. On the downside, a cross-platform framework does not provide the high performance and customization of a native app. React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter frameworks have made cross-platform development increasingly more popular.

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