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In an ever-evolving world, we make education simple and affordable everywhere.


Trust us and get your own e-commerce solution with a full development cycle.


Improve your competitiveness in the drinks and beverage industry with a reliable and experienced partner.

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I believe that successful projects are based on clear and strict arrangements, trust, and hardworking. Here, at CitrusDev, we preach these values.


/ Co-Founder CitrusDev

We make every effort to ensure that our deliverables meet the requirements, have a high level of quality, provide the best user experience. Our goal is to succeed customer expectations and to build long-term realationships.


/ Co-Founder CitrusDev



How our services bring about success

Michael Passov

Michael Passov

/ CEO at Webmind

CitrusDev implemented a clear and transparent approach that provides a sufficient understanding of the project’s progress. Communication was conducted at a good level, and all stages were completed according to agreements, with some even being delivered ahead of schedule.

Additionally, there were cases where changes were
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Aleksandr Menshykov

Aleksandr Menshykov

/ CEO at Zvit Market

I've got a great experience with CitrusDev. The guys have created comprehensive documentation. Then it took only a few days to develop. After that, they carefully checked the quality of new features and finalized the product. They added new features very quickly. So I advise you to cooperate with this company. I highly recommend doing business with CitrusDev.
Kateryna Valikhnovska

Kateryna Valikhnovska

/ Surgeon Oncologist, Dr. Valikhnovska

Thanks to CITRUSDEV, the client had an excellent website that is ready for promotion. They finished the development in a short span of time and with the highest quality. Over the course of the engagement, they successfully collaborated with the client and demonstrated strict discipline.
Daisey Stampfer

Daisey Stampfer

/ Founder & Managing Director, Mental Healthcare Company

Thanks to the added functionality of the app that came about because of the work done by the CITRUSDEV team, the company for the green light from investors to move on to the next step of their process. The company appreciated the team's promptness and will work with them again
Oleg Meller

Oleg Meller

/ Co-Founder and Director of Sales at General Components Ltd.

Very knowledgeable, responsive and flexible team. Did a fantastic job on our project.
Roman Rochniak

Roman Rochniak

/ Marketing director at CALM Clinic (Ukraine)

The guys from CitrusDev very professionally and scrupulously did the job of optimizing and speeding up our very complicated site instead of imposing the creation of a new one! I really liked the 100% customer focus of the team, the quality and speed of work. Having received an extremely positive experience, we plan to contact CitrusDev in the future!
Valerio Poggio

Valerio Poggio

/ Team leader Analytics & Innovation at Betacom s.r.l. (Italy)

CitrusDev helped us on a urgent project and they managed to find resources and skills on a short time notice. Their developers were already on board and working with our team after few days from our first meeting. Guys were versed, available, understanding and they always tried to give their best.
Alon Bar Shamai

Alon Bar Shamai

/ CEO at SMART FARM (Israel)

CitrusDev allowed us to cut development costs while giving us more than we could ever get “in-house”. From diverse professionals, flexible and dedicated service, and most of all – transparency and control over the entire process to manage changes in real time. They are truly a powerful addition to any dev team. Thanks!


Sending predefined data packets using the emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app

Sending predefined data packets using the emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app

In Part 1 we have created a new BLE test device with a server role.  Enable this template to start advertising. Now you can connect to this emulated device in nRF Connect for Mobile app.   In most cases there is a characteristic with Notify property. To check your application data flow and different […]
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Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform

Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile application development, the quest for efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving methodologies has led to the rise of cross-platform development frameworks. These frameworks are pivotal in enabling developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple mobile platforms, primarily iOS and Android. Among the plethora of technologies in this domain, Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform have emerged as two frontrunners, each offering unique approaches to cross-platform development.
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Using the Tesla API for iOS Development: A Complete Guide

Using the Tesla API for iOS Development: A Complete Guide

With the Tesla API, you can interact with Tesla vehicles, allowing you to control various aspects of the car and retrieve real-time data. In this article, we'll explore how to use the Tesla API in iOS development.
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