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The most Famous Smart Cities

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The most Famous Smart Cities

For the first time, people started talking about the concept of a “smart city” in the 90s. The authorities have recognized for the first time that IT technology develops are the future. Initially, Smart City is an opportunity to protect the environment from the harmful effects of humans. 

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And therefore, there have been two decades, and Smart City today is already a trend. In terms of mobility, security, sustainability, and many more, many cities now undergo massive technological innovations.
And now we introduce you to the most interesting Smart Cities and implemented solutions.

Smart City

First, the Smart City concept means the use of intelligent IoT technology. The infrastructure is simplified by it: energy demand data, traffic flows and climate, pollution levels, etc. In addition, this data from apps, networks, and sensors is collected in the systems. Then it is evaluated and used in trends and demand predictions. Finally, the data may be used by citizens and industries to improve the city situation.

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Thus, the city becomes a “Smart City” through eight smart city innovations and aspects:

  • Mobility;
  • Health care;
  • Security;
  • Water;
  • Energy;
  • Commitment and community;
  • Economic development and housing;
  • Wastes.


In smart city Seoul, high-tech flashlights not only save energy but also stream audio and distribute free Wi-Fi. Besides, almost everyone here uses the Internet: even low-income groups of the population have smartphones. The government integrates a special program as part of smart city creation. It has two steps. First is buying a new smartphone – a person hands over an old one. After those actions, the authorities encourage such people with benefits. Second – a needy person gets a used smartphone.

Also, Seoul has a good communication infrastructure, which is one of the best in the world. Consequently, all this helped create a smart city where technology is easily accessible to all its inhabitants.


The capital of the United Kingdom now is one of the leading cities in terms of technology adoption. It’s thus one city with more start-ups and programmers than almost any other intelligent city in the world. The London Сollaboration and London Public Innovation Challenge carry out many projects to support research and technology at all levels.

Moreover, London also has a Smart London Board that regularly provides updates and recommendations. It helps to embody a smart city idea. Moreover, the London government has a smart city strategy to achieve this aim. It contains methods for implementing municipal technology with more intelligent properties.

Smart ideas for a Smart Nation


We believe that Singapore is one of the best smart cities in the world for its excellent technology. Locals created Singapore’s Smart Nation program in 2014, with many sensors installed throughout the city. They can measure everything from the level of cleanliness of an area to the number of people attending an event. That is why the government would therefore know in real-time what is going on in the city. Besides, Singapore Smart Nation digitally collects information around the city, which is essential to the management of the city. Systems accumulate traffic volume data and forward it to organizations for improved services.

Singapore today

As you can see, the constant development of technology is pushing cities around the world to introduce more and more smart solutions for the comfort of citizens. Therefore, now is the best time for initiatives. And if you have an idea that can make such a contribution to the development of a city, we will gladly help you implement it.

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