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Significant changes thanks to Matter – DIRIGERA and a new Smart Home application from IKEA
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Significant changes thanks to Matter – DIRIGERA and a new Smart Home application from IKEA

08.06.2022 156 Views

IKEA’s effort to provide an even smarter home for many people continues. DIRIGERA, a Matter-based hub for smart items, will be released in October, along with a new IKEA Smart Home app.


The launch of IKEA’s Matter-based IoT hub is the next stage in the path to further integrating IoT into everyday life for many people. Manufacturers designed the DIRIGERA to handle more product types and onboard more goods than the conventional TRÅDFRI gateway. It also supports the new and improved IKEA Smart Home app.

According to Rebecca Töreman, Business Leader at IKEA of Sweden we can highlight some benefits:

  • Users can use the DIRIGERA and the new app to enhance and simplify the onboarding process when adding new devices to the smart home.
  • These solutions help with personalization possibilities, such as establishing distinct scenes with pre-set smart product functionalities at home.

Rebecca also states that the DIRIGERA, it’s a natural development of the TRÅDFRI gateway released in 2014. And IKEA continues to blend technology with simplicity and accessibility, bringing our home furnishing expertise into the future.

The new IKEA Smart Home app

The new IKEA Smart Home app will be:

  • simple;
  • user-friendly;
  • easy to operate; 
  • lowering the barrier to entry into the IoT world. 

Furthermore, it will make connecting devices to the DIRIGERA hub a lot easier.

With the new DIRIGERA hub for smart things, customers will be able to connect all IKEA smart devices to the system and guide them individually, in sets, or in groups via the new IKEA Smart Home app. This allows users to build different scenarios with pre-set smart product features, increasing personalization choices for the smart home.

“We’ve seen an upsurge in interest in the house, particularly the smart home, during the previous few years.”

Digital solutions and technology are quickly becoming widespread in our everyday lives and, to a lesser extent, in our homes. The smart home is a logical evolution of the home you already love and live in. IKEA’s extensive line of smart gadgets includes “music, light, air purification, blinds, and many more in the future.” according to Björn Block, Business Area Manager at IKEA of Sweden.

We are waiting for the DIRIGERA and the new Smart Home app to arrive in October 2022. Users may continue to use the TRÅDFRI gateway and the present app, and previously purchased IKEA smart items can be linked to and operate equally effectively with the DIRIGERA hub. Furthermore, IKEA intends to provide access away from home capability in the first half of 2023.


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