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What is a Smart City
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What is a Smart City

25.04.2021 151 Views

A smart city is a term that has become fashionable now. In its nature, meeting the needs of its inhabitants, ensuring their well-being and safety. Moreover, maintaining economic sustainability is the challenge of the cities of tomorrow.

So what is Smart City?

Smart City is an interconnected system of information and communication technologies with IoT. It simplifies the management of internal city processes and makes the lives of residents more comfortable and safer. Technology integration increases any smart city resource efficiency, creates new business opportunities, and raises citizens’ living standards.

Smart City Services

Smart city services make complex tasks simple. For example, the introduction of smart city electronic public services, where a citizen can pay taxes, fines, get a certificate online, without visiting services, use an electronic registry to make an appointment with a doctor.


Smart City Technologies

Digital technologies help the smart city optimize all processes so that people can live, work and relax comfortably.

For example, city lighting can be attributed to the convenience of residents. Streetlight helps to create a specific atmosphere in some parts of the city. To this, we refer the smart vibrant light of historical sites, parks, squares, etc. We can do this using customer-produced special colored intelligent light bulbs.

Moreover, we should pay attention to the smart city traffic too. In the modern smart city, such aspects should be under control. 

That is why many cities create improved public and personal transport systems, installed smart traffic lights, sensors for analyzing traffic density, introduced smart parking throughout the city. And soon this development will lead smart cities to use self-driving cars everywhere.

The IT infrastructure of a smart city is an extremely complex system that comprises many subsystems, connected computers, controllers, sensors, and devices. All of them collect large amounts of data that need not only to be processed, analyzed, transmitted, but also stored. In order for digital smart city technologies to work, you need to create an expensive infrastructure and identify tasks, and in what order they need to be solved.



A smart city is not only a great transport infrastructure, unmanned technologies, and various services that make life easier for citizens. First of all, a smart city is a place where you don’t need to worry about personal safety.

And the key to a high level of security is to use artificial intelligence. Many smart cities around the world use facial recognition technologies. And it works, the system perfectly recognizes faces even in hard conditions. 

Besides, the analysis takes place in real-time, which allows police to monitor the situation and quickly respond to incidents and crimes.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and the ability of machines to learn large smart city areas and small settlements will soon become as safe as possible. Because of technology implementation, if a criminal commits a crime, the police will not only immediately find out about it but also recognize who it is.

All these factors, and not only them, harmoniously create the basis of any smart city. However, implementing each element is a rather laborious process. And we, the CitrusDev team, have enough practical experience to help you implement ideas for Smart City. Just contact us!


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