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UI/UX Design Services

UI/UX Design Services

We will create a clear and functionl design for your product, which will not only meet your goals, but also bring the expected results

What our UI/UX design company does best

Whether you are an established company on the brink of a digital transformation or a fledgling startup looking to confidently bring a new product to market, our UI/UX development company can make your brand stand out from the competition and deliver truly outstanding usability results across a variety of online platforms–growing and nurturing your loyal customer base.

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Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are overwhelmingly becoming customers’ main point of contact with businesses–whether it be to make a purchase or log in using a social media account. We can help you make these transactions a faster, safer, and more visually pleasing experience for customers–motivating them to continue using your app and doing business with your company.
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Our UI/UX team with specialized data visualization knowledge can help you design user-friendly cloud dashboards and interfaces for self-service BI and data analytics and implement custom logic, filters, charts, and collaboration tools to help you interpret business data efficiently and inform company decisions.
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Web Apps

We can help you to create web apps that have a good look and feel across different browsers and screen sizes as well as high-conversion eCommerce websites, web portals, and single-page web applications that update content in real time­­–providing your customers with the most current information and the same high-quality experience on any device.
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Embedded Interfaces

We can help you to create powerful embedded solutions to bolster your IoT and AI infrastructure, including human-machine interfaces (HMIs), voice user interfaces (VUIs), and software supporting cross-device interactions. Whatever the contact points with your system may be, our team of experts at CitrusDev will go the extra mile to facilitate and enhance the user experience.

UI/UX design services we use in product development



User research
Typically done at the beginning of a project but also of great value throughout the development lifecycle, a systematic investigation of your users can be performed to gather insights that inform the design process. These insights include both qualitative (how people think and feel) as well as quantitative (numerical data and statistics) to understand: who your users are, what your users need, how they currently do things, and how you would like them to act.


Interactions prototyping
Before development, we can help you to create a high-fidelity prototype that would include various dynamic elements that interact, just like the actual product would. This prototype permits us to gather preliminary data about the user experience to improve the design–reducing the time to market and yielding better long-term results. In addition, the prototype may be used to pitch the project to investors prior to development to garner additional funding and support.


UI/UX design
Our certified front-end web developers use concepts from the intersection of psychology and neuroscience to craft simple yet captivating designs that provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. Depending on the goals and requirements of the project, we can either redesign existing products or create new ones from scratch–always delivering high-quality, innovative designs balanced with maximum efficiency and cost-savings.


UI/UX audit and consulting
By means of a UI/UX audit, we can help you identify core problems with the usability of your digital products that may be causing customers to abandon the process and not complete the transactions. This audit can be conducted at any stage of your product’s lifecycle, whether it be as a routine check-up of an established product, an evaluation of product change, or the introduction of a new item to the market.


Usability testing
During a usability test, our team of qualified UX researchers will observe real customers interacting with your website, app, or other digital product and collect data to identify and remove the stumbling blocks in the process and increase the conversation rate. We observe the entire user journey–from before they reach your product or service to their experience on your site to where they go after they leave. We will work with you to tailor the usability tests to fully explore the problem areas as well as fit into your ongoing development cycle.
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    UI/UX design process

    The development of customer product design can be divided into five stages– discovery, research, prototyping, design, and testing–during which our one-stop shop of UI/UX designers, skilled business analysts, front-end developers, manual and automation testing specialists, and software architects collaborate to deliver a high-quality, innovative product with maximum efficiency and savings for you.


    We begin with an in-depth client meeting to discuss and understand the problems you are looking to resolve, your product and target audience background, the project scope, constraints and concerns, and design objectives.


    Our skilled engineering and business experts then join forces to collect information regarding user behavior, the product context in the market, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and current design style trends in the field. We also complete an audit to assess the viability of your existing technology, interfaces, and content.


    The results of the project research are consolidated into a user tasks list from which a user flow map is elaborated. We then create a high-fidelity wireframe prototype that includes various dynamic elements that interact–just as the actual product would. Once the prototype is complete, we provide you with a detailed specification document and a cost and time estimate for development.


    Once you give the green light for development to begin, we transform the prototypes into full-fledged application interfaces that render correctly across all platforms and devices, including both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Throughout the development, quality assurance is performed to catch usability issues early and make design adjustments. In addition, we remain in close and constant communication with you to choose the optimal solutions for your requirements.


    We perform software testing of the product with focus groups and, if required, run a beta-release program to capture real user feedback. Based on user feedback, we tweak the application interfaces and navigation logic and repeat the tests until the product is functioning correctly and meets all of your needs and goals.

    How can UI/UX design services at CitrusDev help your product?

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    Focus on your needs

    We consider every project and client to be unique, and we invest the time at the start of each project to fully understand your company’s needs, goals, and concerns. Throughout the development cycle, we maintain close contact with you in order to receive your feedback and approval at every stage. Furthermore, our engineers and designers collaborate closely to ensure synergy between the technical aspects of development and the ultimate goals and purpose of the product.
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    Human-centered design

    At CitrusDev, we craft UI/UX solutions that put the end user at the center of the design process. We focus on people’s thinking, emotions, and behavior in order to optimize the product in such a way that users do not need to change their daily behavior and habits in order to experience success. It is an innovative approach that enables our clients to be more inclusive with their products and services, thus establishing a wider and more diverse customer base.
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    Responsive communication

    CitrusDev has very loyal, responsive, multilingual technical support staff whom clients can contact nearly any time and get quality feedback. In addition, in almost all cases, the customer may also contact the company owner directly by phone or PM and receive personal assistance.
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    Excellent price/quality ratio:

    Our company competitively balances the quality and cost of its work, offering clients added value for their investment. We may not be the cheapest option on the market, but we deliver on what we promise, provide exceptional quality for the price, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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    UI/UX design solutions: questions and answers


    User interface (UI) development is the creation of interactive, visual elements (such as buttons, icons, color schemes, graphics, etc.) at the point of interaction between a user and a digital service or product that effectively transfer the brand’s strengths and provide end users with an attractive, guiding, and responsive experience.


    At CitrusDev, we offer the complete spectrum of UI/UX design services including user research, interactions prototyping, design, audit and consulting, and usability testing for a range of interfaces such as mobile apps, web apps, dashboards, and embedded interfaces. Our one-stop shop includes experts in the latest technologies and programming languages who can create innovative and customized solutions to fulfill every type and size of UI/UX design need.


    The total price per project depends greatly on the technologies used and the scope and sequence of the project. Please feel free to contact us at for a free, no-obligation consult and an estimated price quote. We respond to all requests in as little as a few hours and a maximum of two business days.


    User experience (UX) services assess and improve the ease with which users interact and accomplish desired tasks using your digital products and services. With the number of online interfaces growing exponentially every day, it is essential that your users have an effortless, efficient, relevant, and overall pleasant experience interacting with your products. Otherwise, with just the click of a button, they may opt to take their business to one of your competitors.


    Web designers create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites whereas UI/UX designers are focused on creating products, not just websites, that provide meaningful and relevant user experiences. Web design involves HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming and is often concerned with search engine rankings and performance. UI/UX designers create wireframes and task flows based on user personas to create products centered around user needs and habits.

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