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Case Studies

How we found and fix slow API requests on a WordPress site

and got more than x40 speed boost after making fixes

We used WordPress as the engine and the famous LearnDash plugin to implement the Learning Management System (LMS) functionality. This combination allowed the client to develop the necessary functionality and launch a demo to test the perception by end users in a short period of time. In the process of changing the requirements, we had to abandon most of the features that LearnDash provides and restructure the approach to creating content – replacing courses with lessons and lessons with slides.

Mobile development of Mental Health App for iOS

Our client decided to attract investment in their product from one of the international venture funds. That is why they requested only the development of a basic version of the mobile application, to demonstrate the value of the product to the investors.

The main idea of the app was to help people to preserve their mental health by analyzing their heart rate over a long period of time. A special HRM from Viatom was used for this project because this device has the ability to store the HR values and sync with a mobile app through Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, it can sync data even if the device is not connected for a long period of time. There was no time to develop detailed UX/UI and backend, so we suggested a solution that would satisfy all the client’s requirements.

Revamp of the WordPress website for a SAAS platform

This case is about the revamp of the WordPress website for a SAAS platform for content distribution management. The client, Communities by Targetings, is a B2B partnership marketing platform that aggregates, manages, and distributes content between partners and marketing channels to maximize outreach and drive growth. AI and automation enhance Communities to create a one-of-a-kind solution.

Valikhnovska MD – WordPress website

Our client is a surgical oncologist looking for a quick solution for a cancer treatment platform. CitrusDev gathered a wide range of requirements during the online meetings with the client. As a result, we suggested using CMS WordPress with a ready-made template that was researched by our CitrusDev team as well.

Aviacharter – UX/UI Сase Study

The website offers the opportunity to purchase additional services for air tickets, such as insurance, business lunch, additional baggage, transportation of animals, seat selection on the plane. Users can order these services both when booking a ticket and later in their personal account.

A user can find and pay for the tickets in a few clicks and the system will book them. All orders are processed automatically and if tickets are available the system will book them instantly


Steeraze is a disruptive project within border defense field developing state-of-art protection against a DDoS attack that implements the newest technologies and designs at a fraction of the costs of other leading products in that arena.

Steeraze provides the DDOS protection services to the banking sector, telecommunication enterprises, and government institutions. Steeraze contributes to the national cybersecurity of Ukraine.


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