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Case Studies - Tag: Firebase

IoT (Smart home) RFID/BLE scanner iOS App

IoT (Smart home) RFID/BLE scanner iOS App

CitrusDev developed an RFID/BLE scanner iOS app that operates efficiently in the background. The client’s in-house team lacked expertise in working with BLE in the background, but our experienced team successfully resolved their issue with slow scanning and door access times. The enhanced app now provides swift and reliable door opening, significantly improving user convenience and satisfaction.

Bartender – Flutter App (ios & android)

Bartender – Flutter App (ios & android)

The Bartender App, developed with the Flutter framework, allows users to view recipes for various drinks and cocktails. A standout feature is the product scanning capability, which retrieves recipes based on the scanned bottles and ingredients added. The app also provides detailed information on cocktail ingredients and allows users to explore a wide variety of drink recipes. The app leverages Flutter Bloc for state management, Dio for networking, go_router for routing, and Firebase for backend services.


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